Shipping terms and conditions

Usually we ship only in ITALY. If you wish to receive insects abroad, please contact us by email, providing us with information on the items to be shipped and the destination address, and we will send you a shipping cost estimate in a short time.


We will process your order in 3 working days from receipt of payment, within the limits of stock availability. In the event that one or more items are not immediately available, we will notify you immediately and agree with you on the possibility of a partial shipment.


Once payment has been received, we will assign your goods to the Courier, whose indicative delivery times are 2/3 working days after collection, in most Italian locations. For delivery times you will not have to consider Saturdays and holidays. Any delays occurred to the Courier during transport are not our responsibility and cannot constitute a cause for withdrawal or give the right to compensation.


Your orders will be delivered during office hours, to the address you have indicated on the order form: as it is not possible to agree on a specific delivery time with the Express Courier, we advise you to use an address where someone is always present for the withdrawal. Remember to indicate with accuracy both the house number and the zip code of your area and that the name you have indicated to us must always coincide with the name or number on the intercom. When collecting the goods, always check that the number of packages shown on the transport document coincide with those ordered and that the packages delivered to you are intact.


If at the time of delivery you or your appointee were absent, the Courier will leave a notice of non-delivery through which you can request the free return of the shipment, according to the methods indicated in the notice, within the next 3 days. If not even at the second pass the goods are withdrawn, the Courier will keep the goods in stock at its warehouse for three days. We hope you will collect the goods: otherwise, we will be forced, with regret, to charge you for the additional costs for failure to collect the shipment.


As an alternative to home delivery by courier, you can choose to pick up your goods directly at our TRENTO plant in Via Coltura 13 without any shipping costs.


For any inconvenience related to your shipments, you can contact our assistance service which will help you in solving problems.